biotechrabbit GmbH

biotechrabbit’s offering includes enzymes for molecular diagnostics, antibody generation and production, high-capacity protein fermentation, lyophilization for diagnostic test kits and pharma, highly parallel, cell-free protein synthesis, mRNA for therapeutics, site-directed amino acid incorporation for labeling or cancer biotherapeutics and a full molecular biology products catalog. Our way of doing business combines the passion and pure curiosity of excellent researchers with the agile spirit of true entrepreneurs.

biotechrabbit GmbH was founded in 2011 in Henningsdorf, Brandenburg. Four years later, in 2015 a second research and production site was opened in Adlershof, Berlin. Biotechrabbit is a team of top class scientists, experienced managers and business developers who are determined to offer highest quality products and services for diagnostic companies and life science research. We value the relationships with our partners and customers and are driven to exceed current limitations with flexibility, innovation and highly customized solutions to match specific requirements.

Biotechrabbit GmbH
Leap and Lead

biotechrabbit GmbH
Neuendorfstr. 24a
16761 Hennigsdorf, Germany

Office:  +49 3302 207541 0
Fax:     +49 3302 207541 1

Dr. Bernd Haase, MBA

– Founder and owner of biotechrabbit GmbH
– Expertise in strategic business development, marketing, sales and channel development
– CEO of 5 PRIME, senior management positions at QIAGEN, Gene Logic, Affymetrix
– PhD in Molecular Biology (Germany), MBA at Krannert School of Management (Purdue University, US)

Dr. Klaus Bensch

– Joined biotechrabbit in 2012
-Expertise in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, bioinformatics and pharma research
-Laboratory and project management at Altana Pharma and Haemopep Pharma
-PhD in Biochemistry (University Hannover and Lower Saxony Institute for Peptide Research, Germany)

Dr. Ruth Rottscheidt

– Joined biotechrabbit in 2014
– Expertise in sales, distribution management, marketing, product mangement
– Sales, distribution management, marketing at 5 PRIME GmbH, marketing at Rodisma Med Pharma GmbH
– PhD in Molecular Biology (University of Cologne, Germany)

Dr. Wolfgang Jäger

– Joined biotechrabbit in 2013
– Expertise in sales, channel management, strategic selling and marketing
– Sales management, marketing and distribution management at GE Healthcare and Biacore AB
– PhD in Molecular Biology (Univ. Bielefeld, Germany), Specialist for marketing (IHK Düsseldorf, Germany)