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Over the years, the aevotis team has acquired extensive knowledge about the carbohydrate metabolism in plants and microorganisms and about the enzymes involved. This forms the foundation of aevotis’ platform for novel oligo- and polymers and informs the development of new technologies- alone, in exclusive partnerships and in individual service projects.
As a specialist on biotechnological questions, we work on service projects with a scope that extends from research and development to process development and production.

Our experts will advise you an all aspects of modern biotechnology.


evoxx technologies GmbH

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14473 Potsdam
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 Martina Döring
Martina Döring
Martina Döring has founded the aevotis GmbH in 2009. Ms Döring studied Agronomy at the University of Göttingen and has worked for more than 20 years in different positions for companies of the chemical industry (Schering, AgrEvo, Aventis, Bayer CropScience). This includes long-term activities in the areas of product and portfolio management, R & D management and business development. Representing the shareholder AgrEvo, she was instrumental in founding the PlanTec Biotechnology GmbH, and has set up anad managed as CEO the Solavista GmbH & Co KG, a joint venture between Bayer CropScience and AVEBE. She is a member of the expert panel for the development of the 7 year masterplan “Innovation Berlin-Brandenburg”.