Glycotope GmbH

Glycotope, founded in 2001 in Berlin, Germany, is focused on developing innovative immuno-oncology products for the treatment of various cancer types using its GlycoExpress™ (GEX™) and GlycoBody™ (GET™) technologies.

Glycotope´s unique GEX™ platform enables the glyco-optimization of a variety of fully human glycosylated biopharmaceuticals by using a toolbox of glyco-engineered proprietary human cell lines that allow for optimization of a series of different determining sugars. In addition, this offers high yield production with unmet quality and reproducibility. Glycotope’s proprietary GET™ technology is able to generate novel, highly specific monoclonal antibodies against tumor-specific carbohydrate epitopes.

Based on these proprietary technologies, Glycotope has developed a mature pipeline of first-in-class and best-in-class biopharmaceuticals with three oncology products and one fertility product in advanced clinical development.


Together with its GMP manufacturing subsidiary, Glycotope Biotechnology, Glycotope offers services across the range of research and development activities from discovery, molecule optimization, clone and process development, preclinical and clinical drug development to GMP production and employs more than 200 people at its sites in Berlin and Heidelberg.


Glycotope GmbH

13125 Berlin

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