Hybrotec GmbH

Hybrotec GmbH is a private company, founded in 2010 as a spin off of the Biotechnology Department of Potsdam University. The main focus of Hybrotec GmbH is the generation of monoclonal antibodies using hybridoma technology. The founders share more than 15 years experience in generating and producing monoclonal antibodies as well as in the development of immunoassays.

Generation of Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies recently developed by Hybrotec include several mycotoxin antibodies (e.g. zearalenon, ochratoxin A, aflatoxin) and cyanotoxin antibodies (cylindrospermopsin). Hybrotec antibodies to steroid hormones (progesteron, estradiol, testosteron) are successfully established in veterinary analysis. Further antigens are proteases (HtrA-proteins),  allergens (bet V1), viral proteins (HEV), drugs (carbamazepin, THC) and several fluorescent dyes (e.g. TAMRA).

Assay Development

Hybrotec GmbH is also specialized in the development of different immunoassay formats. Besides established direct, indirect or competitive immunoassays, we also offer the development of homogeneous immunoassays based on fluorescence quenching or -increasing, fluorescence polarization (in collaboration with Aokin AG) or electrochemical detection (in collaboration with Fraunhofer IZI-BB). Furthermore, we develop special ELISA for individual applications.


Hybrotec GmbH


Jörg Schenk
Dr. Frank Sellrie


Am Mühlenberg 11
14476 Potsdam


+49 (0)331 550 61 52
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