glyconet BB EVENTS

»Biotech meets Medicine«

September 18-20, 2019
Fraunhofer Conference Center Potsdam, Germany

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September 23-27, 2019
hosted by: Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

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»Glycomedicine: immunotolerance, inflammation and cancer«

May 15, 2019; 13:00 -18:00
Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus, Berlin


GlycoBioTec 2019 

Photo: Lisa Wenzel, GlycoBioTec 2019

The 2nd GlycoBioTec meeting was held to presenst and discuss current biomedical and biopharmaceutical glycobiotechnology topics. With over 200 particicipants it was a very interactive conference, where current issues and future cooparations were identified. Many thanks to the organizers for their efforts!
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Annual Meeting BioTech2020+

The Fraunhofer Society invited to attend this year’s Annual Congress Biotechnology. Over 110 participants from science, economy, and policy joined the invitation to Berlin to discuss current topics with the focus on „Biological Transformation: Cutting-Edge Technologies in Biomanufacturing“.
The presented aspects reached from Lighthouse Projects to automated and molecular systems in biotechnology, synthetic biology and last but not least glycobiotechnology. During that session members of the glyconetBB presented their competencies, projects, as well as challenges and opportunities for glycobiotechnology.
Find impressions of this event here.

Statusseminar – Glykobiotechnologie 2018

The annual meeting of the glyconet BB was held to discuss current perspectives in glycobiotechnology, generate new ideas, and initiate common projects.

New and Emerging Technologies 2017

The 2017 conference on „New and Emerging Technologies“ provided a platform for international scientific exchange and showcases the newest developments in glycobiotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biofunctional materials, antibody technologies, synthetic biology and related areas. More

Winter School 2017

Successfully finished winter school „Moderne Methoden zur Synthese und Analyse von Glykoproteinen“ des glyconet Berlin Brandenburg e.V. More


Glyconet Berlin Brandenburg e.V.

Glycoscience and glycobiotechnology opening a very fast growing market. The network is a platform to cooperate and interlink partners and arises opportunities to easily develop innovative products in the glycoscience area.

„glyconet BB“ is a network that supports research in the innovative glycobiotechnology and in the development of newly synthetic analytic and therapeutics for medicine engineering and life science. The main goal is to strengthen and visualize skills and education in the previous mentioned areas of life science.

Berlin Brandenburg has a unique value chain in glycobiotechnology and is now able to recruit partners from small and middle industry company as well as research institutes in hole germany for this cross-sectional technology.