The Glycobiotechnology Summer School is open to young professionals who want to gain insights into this cross-sectional topic.

It is intended to be a joint event that combines both theoretical principles and hands-on training in glycobiotechnology.

Why to participate?

Glycosciences and glycobiotechnology are rapidly expanding fields in research and development. It is relevant for heterogenous areas such as chemistry, biology and medicine.  Glycan or glycan-complexes are of special importance since they are key structural elements in cells and are involved in signaling events on their surface.

Recently, much progress has been made in research and development in these heterogeneous fields. However, in order to further deepen our understanding of the importance and chances of glycans, we have initiated this summer school. It focuses on the combination of both theoretical principles and hands-on experience for young professionals in life sciences.

The expansion of knowledge and experience is the key to innovation in glycobiotechnology.

The summer school is open to all young professionals who want to improve their knowledge of glycobiotechnology. This summer school is intended to be a joint event that combines theory and practice with a focus on:

  • Fundamentals of glycobiotechnology in life sciences
  • latest approaches for the determination of structural properties of carbohydrates, glycans, and of their complexes,


What are the course fees?

The course fees are 250 EURO per participant. It includes the participation in this summer school. This fee includes all course support materials.

Do I need prior knowledge in glycobiology or glycobiotechnology?

No, we offer this course for beginners as well as for those with more experience.

What are the main objectives of the course?

We aim to convey theoretical knowledge in glycobiology and glycobiotechnology as well as hands-on training in new techniques used in glycobiotechnology.

Apply Now!

Apply for the Glycobiotechnology Summer School if you are a final year PhD student, post-doctoral fellow or young professional with an interest in glycobiotechnology.

Course date: September 23-27, 2019

Deadline for Application: August 31, 2019

For further information please contact:

Download Application Form Here